The inaugural York County Mini Maker Faire in Biddeford is an all-ages event that brings together science, art, craft, homesteading, and engineering plus music, food, and performance. Maine is far from simply being  “Vacationland.” In fact, York County is the fastest growing county in Maine, and Biddeford is attracting food, tech, and design startups, as well as artists, craftspeople, and tinkerers to the affordable mill space. The faire will be held October 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the historic Pepperell Mill Campus, 40 Main Street. Deadline for Maker Applications is September 16. We’ll be accepting on a running basis so don’t hesitate! We will fill up and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Engine, the presenting organization, is looking for 100 makers to showcase their work, including D.I.Y. enthusiasts, businesses, artists, and crafters. Engine is looking for presenters who give attendees the opportunity to experience interactive exhibits, meet like-minded individuals, and be inspired by the creativity and innovation of the maker community in York County and beyond. The faire is not restricted just to York County makers, we’re open to all no matter where you live or work. Exhibits that are interactive or highlight the process of making things are especially desired.   The first step to participating in the Maker Faire is to submit an entry that tells us about yourself and your project. Entries can be submitted from individuals; groups such as hobbyist clubs and schools; commercial makers or crafters; and companies.

FREE for Non-Commercial Makers: There is NO FEE to participate in the Maker Faire if you are not selling a product. You must be demonstrating or sharing/showing an idea and there should not be a commercial aspect to what you are doing. 

Fee for Commercial Makers: If you are a “commercial maker” selling product, as well as showing what you do, booth fees are just $25. Add $15 if you want us to provide an 8′ table and 2 chairs.

Performances: We are programming one stage with a mix of music and non-musical performances. We also encourage pop-up performance happenings. 

Workshops: We have spots for you to demonstrate your skills or process in our Workshop Space. Gardening, canning, composting, woodworking, electronics, software, etc. We’re open to your ideas!

Kids Corner (10 & Under): Have an activity for kids 10 and under? Tell us what it is. All appropriate screenings apply.

Size of Maker Booth: Our standard setup for a Maker exhibit is a 10’ x 10′ booth. Use your space to display your work and/or demonstrate how you make something. If you need more space for your exhibit or project, you can let us know about your specific needs in the Call for Makers form.


If you have any questions about participating in Maker Faire, please contact us by email: Here’s some suggested ideas for topics that we’re looking for:

  • Robotics
  • Kinetic & Installation Art
  • Blue Tech and Marine Science
  • Wearables, E-Textiles, Fashion Tech
  • Biology/Biotech and Chemistry Projects
  • Homesteader & Domestic Arts
  • Digital Fabrication – 3D Printers, CNC, ETC
  • Open Hardware Projects
  • Design: Industrial, Fashion, Product, Urban
  • Young Makers & School Maker Clubs
  • Music Performance
  • Hacks of Any Sort
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Foundry & Blacksmithing
  • Electronic Projects
  • Textiles and Arts and Crafts
  • Rockets and RC Toys
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems
  • Electronics
  • Puppets
  • Bicycles and Human-Powered Machines
  • Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.)
  • Unusual Tools or Machines
  • How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

More about Performances: Musicians and entertainers who would like to perform at Maker Faire. Performances are usually on stage and scheduled for approximately 50 minutes. Set lengths vary. Some performances in the past have been roaming and unscheduled, which is welcomed. Please mention scheduling details in your application.

    • If you need a space, away from a stage to perform many times during the weekend, fill out the Maker Exhibit application.
    • If you plan to have a scheduled performance once during the faire, fill out the Performer application.

More about Presentations: Individuals and groups who would like to talk about an idea or project of interest to the Maker community, OR makers who are interested in demonstrating what they make and how it works in a stage setting. Presentations are typically 12 or 25 minutes; Panel Discussions are allocated 45 minutes (with 5-10 minutes additional for Q&A). If you are applying on behalf of someone else, you’ll have the opportunity in the Entry Form to enter public-facing presenter information and remain the primary contact. Sponsor: Corporate entities and established companies are welcomed as sponsors at Maker Faire. For more information about becoming a sponsor, please see our Sponsor page.

We look forward to seeing you at the first annual York County Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 13!